These quotes have been taken from Satsangs (discourses) given by our teacher Professor Ojaswi Sharma. He himself was never interested in writing anything but his students felt the need to preserve his wisdom. They taped his talks, transcribed them and sorted out into several Topics. Because the full discourses were very long, shorter passages were chosen on each Topic and presented here.


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Gradually you come to the realisation that there is nothing in the world to be afraid of. That which is permanent cannot be destroyed by anything. That which is temporary, I mean the body, cannot be kept for ever. Everyone has to die some day so why fear death which is inevitable?


Nobody knows when death may come - it may come at a time known as the mature age of 60, 70 80, or 100. In any case, it is bound to come. Why be afraid of something that is bound to happen?


The spirit is eternal and cannot be killed or destroyed. The temporary cannot be kept for ever and the permanent cannot be destroyed. Therefore why fear?


If you are on the path, you need not fear death or anything else, because you are approaching immortality. If you achieve realisation before death, then in your case death dies forever. Death itself dies! You know you are the eternal spirit so how can you die?


Not everything is certain - there is no certainty that we shall become a billionaire or find a good wife or husband. But death is certain and it is curious to be afraid of something that is certain. There is no need to be afraid of death if we try to understand life. If life is understood well, all fear, even of death, goes away.