These quotes have been taken from Satsangs (discourses) given by our teacher Professor Ojaswi Sharma. He himself was never interested in writing anything but his students felt the need to preserve his wisdom. They taped his talks, transcribed them and sorted out into several Topics. Because the full discourses were very long, shorter passages were chosen on each Topic and presented here.


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There is only one master. There is only one guru. Everyone else is a disciple. That one master or guru rules the whole universe. He (i.e. God) is both he and she, and also everything. He or she cannot be experienced, felt or guessed at through the mind. He or she, that force, that God, that Divine, is a slave to Love only. A slave to Love. Let there be Love and He says: "I am yours." Because it is only in Love that there is no place for evil.


There is total free-will for every human being to experience God. Everybody is free to do this. God will not stop anybody from experiencing Him.


You should remember that nothing in the whole world is attained simply by remembering, except God. It's a very interesting fact. You remember food, but you will not get food. You remember clothes, but you will not get clothes. You remember money, but you will not get money. You will get none of these things simply by remembering them. But, if you remember God, God is there, at once.


If you remember God, God is there, at once. God is there because God also exists in your remembrance. There is no place, no activity, nowhere in the whole universe where God does not exist.


God is there for you even when you are not conscious of Him. The truth is that you cannot be away from God. People are seeking God, but I say you can't be away from God - you cannot lose Him. Try it. How can you be away from God? How can you be away from your own existence?


You should remember God and do your duty. Remembering God means remembering the right path of life.


Should we go on remembering God all the time? If we do that, what time will be left for us to work? This remembrance, when it deepens and settles down, becomes a part of the nature of your character. Then you will not need to remember in the manner in which you remembered in the beginning.


There are two 'I's.' One the lower 'I', the individual 'I,' which will be destroyed one day. Then, there is the 'I' that is the existence, the truth, God, which can never be non-existent.


Your existence and your awareness of existence happen to be with you simultaneously - at the same moment. There is no duality. It is not that your existence and the awareness of your existence are two separate things.


Different people may and do have various concepts about incarnation of God, but all will accept - and have to accept - that there is some energy, from times immemorial, that exists everywhere and always, and the same energy is in everybody. This fact cannot be denied. No intelligent person can deny it.


The faculty of discrimination is given by God through prayer. Pray to Him. What I want to emphasise here is that you cannot win this battle between right and wrong simply through your own intelligence and effort. Again and again remember God.


Nobody can know God. God cannot be known through the mind. Everybody can feel God. God can be approached only through Love, always through Love.


This very world becomes God for him whose inner attitude has changed. Nothing is required to be done in the external world. Everything is required to be done in the inner world.


Truth is the most important element in life. Truth is the only thing that liberates, and truth is God. We should discover our own truth, as it exists.


It is a psychological factor with people that they generally think that their problems are greater, that their situation is worse than with others. This is the pattern of thinking. I do not mean that when a certain situation arises you do not reflect on it, and try to change it if you can. But the situations will not change unless an attitude develops in you that there is a permanent Father or Mother (God) looking after you in every way and in every situation, and that the world belongs to Him/Her. Whatever world He/She has given to you, try to play your part in that sincerely.


When other people criticise you, or you feel they demand too much from you, or you feel stress in their presence, then try to change your inner attitude towards those people. The same God is in them also.


Some of you might have seen how a potter makes pots from clay. Two hands are used. One hand is always there supporting, otherwise the pot will loose its shape. The other hand pats the clay with a wooden stick. The clay needs support but it needs patting also. In the same way God does both these functions. He pats you for removing dust and dirt from life. But remember that the supporting hand is also there because He Loves you.


God never punishes anybody. Never. Punishment is a creation of human mind. From God's side, it is always reformation through difficult circumstances. It is never punishment. It is purification.


It is He who creates the storm, and it is He who protects you through the storm. You may desire that He should never create the storm, but this is not possible. Transformation cannot happen without passing through the storms of life. Therefore, the storms are also for your evolution.


Remember the greatest guide, the Divine, is always present with everyone. Such is the strange and happy play of the Divine that to those who try to go towards the Divine by one step, the Divine approaches them by ten steps.


People have a God of their own mind's creation. They have a manufactured God. Such people can make no progress. They want God to follow their plan rather than themselves accepting the plan of God. My purpose in saying this is to show that every one of us should look towards his own Self, try to see his Ego and find ways to eliminate it. In this way you will get nearer to your goal.


The all-pervading, all-existing power, Divinity, God, is always compassionate towards human beings and all their failings. That ultimate power forgives. Like good parents who forgive their children, and despite their foolishness, still try to help them.


In modern times the word 'God' has become for many people an unpleasant word. However, one can understand, that ultimate power, in any form one likes. One can take it as a personal god or an impersonal god existing everywhere, with form or without form, or can imagine it as the source of all the powers and qualities and virtues in the universe. It is a question of individual preference but one has to believe that beyond one's own existence there is an infinite power. I mean to say that real support comes only from that infinite power.


God also wants everyone of us to become divine. But for that, we have to submit. We want to put God on a lead! Rather we have to be ready to let ourselves be put on God's lead in order to achieve divinity.