Three Aspects of Nature (Three Gunas)

These quotes have been taken from Satsangs (discourses) given by our teacher Professor Ojaswi Sharma. He himself was never interested in writing anything but his students felt the need to preserve his wisdom. They taped his talks, transcribed them and sorted out into several Topics. Because the full discourses were very long, shorter passages were chosen on each Topic and presented here.


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About the three gunas, the Lord says that all beings have these three, and nobody is without them. And here is the point: a spiritual seeker wants to transcend all three, even the Satvic. Tamsic is the lowest: sleepiness and lethargy and no discrimination. Better than that is Rajsic, at least the person is active and working. In Rajsic there is activity and reason - reason for enjoyment of pleasures. Satvic joy is through meditation, through service to others, and through purification of the physical and astral body. But enlightenment is beyond even Satvic; then happens bliss. Bliss is even beyond joy. Bliss and God are one.


The body is there, and must be there, and must be kept healthy. And then it is to be used rather than misused. Indulgence in sensual pleasures is misusing the body, while experiencing the Self and God in the body though the science of yoga, meditation and prayer, is using the body. It is only after transcendence of sexual urge that real beauty is experienced.


Take for example this relationship between male and female. It starts from the Rajsic nature - the desire - to love physically, to have a relationship and to have sex. When the culmination of union between the male and female is there, and if and when there is orgasm, both the partners in a way become blind to everything - forgetfulness - complete forgetfulness - and forgetfulness is Tamsic - absence of activity - lethargy. Forgetting everything. It is in that forgetfulness that they feel some sort of relief and comfort but it is all temporary. It is not happiness. It is delusion. When we try to control the desire, to channel and purify it in various ways through self discipline, then from that time onwards the Satvic - wisdom; knowledge; clarity - starts there in life.