Karma (Law of Action)

These quotes have been taken from Satsangs (discourses) given by our teacher Professor Ojaswi Sharma. He himself was never interested in writing anything but his students felt the need to preserve his wisdom. They taped his talks, transcribed them and sorted out into several Topics. Because the full discourses were very long, shorter passages were chosen on each Topic and presented here.


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We sometimes have the notion that God is partial, when we see the different worldly situations of various people. But it is ignorance to think that He favours one and not the other. The differences that we notice happen according to individual karma. Whatever one sows, one reaps. Whatever action you perform, you gain the fruit of it yourself. You are reaping in the present the fruit of the actions you did in the past. Worldly matters, such as respect, disrespect, and the like, are experienced differently by different individuals because of these reasons, but God experience can happen to everybody, equally.


Karma is both individual and collective. The question of final liberation from the bondage of these karmas is individual.


The birth of a baby is also connected with the karmas of the parents. It is very difficult to say whether the baby whose birthday you are celebrating will be a cause for sorrow or happiness for you. You can never know. The son or daughter you are proud of may, after a period of time, become a source of great sorrow for you. These karmas are not so easy to understand.


When a person becomes ready for self-realisation after so many births, then the person becomes so humble inside that he wants all his debts to be paid off, all karmas to be finished, in the present incarnation. He is now ready to serve the whole world, and, as far as possible, does not have any expectation from anybody.


Many great saints have said: "This worldly life is a training period for realisation of God." You never know what circumstances may be there in anybody's life. However, by following this path a time will come in the life of such a person when there will be nothing except peace, harmony, happiness, joy and laughter.