Love vs Attachment

These quotes have been taken from Satsangs (discourses) given by our teacher Professor Ojaswi Sharma. He himself was never interested in writing anything but his students felt the need to preserve his wisdom. They taped his talks, transcribed them and sorted out into several Topics. Because the full discourses were very long, shorter passages were chosen on each Topic and presented here.


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If the heart becomes receptive and full of love and gratitude, progress can happen anywhere, whether you are in Russia or Germany, England or India.


What is true Love? It is to love without expecting love in return. It is not easy, but, when it starts happening, then there is a real beginning, a small beginning. After that, one Loves not only this person or that person but one Loves everybody one comes into contact with, without expectation.


The person who has anger inside will pass his anger to others. The person who has passion or lust inside will pass only that to others. The realised person says: What else is there to do? I can only give what I have. I have only Love.


A very interesting phenomenon occurs in those people, in whom love starts developing. They start also knowing something about God through love. What I call 'love' in these discourses is not passion. It is not blind faith or attachment. It is a love full of awareness and without any tinge of attachment.


When true Love is found in life, all problems come to an end. True Love is not found in a man or a woman, but it is found inside your own heart.


What I call 'Love' is found in your own heart. You may ask for whom the love is. The answer is that it is for everybody, for the whole universe.


'Attachment' and 'Love' are elements that are poles apart, and quite incompatible with each other. The attraction or infatuation we have in relation to the opposite sex has none of the elements that constitute true Love. When I say 'none of the elements,' try to understand that Love is all pervasive. Love exists everywhere. There can be no place, individual, or circumstance where Love does not exist. Love is everywhere but in its purest form it is experienced at the very end. It is the last thing at the end of the spiritual journey.


Anybody who finds Love in his heart, also finds God. But that Love is not dependent on any companionship or partnership. As long as your love depends upon anyone else, it is not true Love.


In human affairs it is usual initially for people to have the notion that Love is the same thing as attachment or attraction between the sexes. This is natural, but the dignity of human life lies in evolving out of this nature, to go higher and higher. As long as we keep expecting something from others, we cannot feel love. Step by step all expectations must fall away. We must become humble. We must be loving to others and willing to serve them without any expectation from them. Then inner purification will happen and real life will start. It will be a life of peace, harmony and real Love.


True Love is always with God only. Always remember this. Love is with God only. Even when love with a human being is felt, one should remember that the relationship with a human being is on account of the fact that God exists in that human being also.


In this world, most people who say they love each other very much are just practicing a falsehood. All these statements are false! Hypocrisy or ignorance! The truth is that it is nothing but an adjustment of interest. You are useful for me this much: I am useful for you this much! It is adjustment of selfish interest. As soon as that adjustment starts going wrong, the friendship also starts ending. When one's interests are opposed to each other, friends become enemies.


When two people say they love each other, the element of love is not totally absent. What I am saying is that love in the beginning - the so-called love - contains a greater degree of attachment, infatuation, bodily attraction, sexual attraction and suchlike. The core element of love is never absent anywhere. That is very important.


There are emotions and sentiments of a passing nature which give an appearance of love but which are different from real love. Particularly, love is never lust, and love is never sexual attraction. I have often explained to you that sexual attraction and love are opposed to each other.


What is the difference between love and lust? When there is lust and passion, mind in a way stops working. The faculty of discrimination is over-clouded by passion. The person behaves as a slave to passion. But in love there is brightness, awakening, and awareness. In love, there is no place for any clouds of passion over thinking.


This stage of pure love comes later on. When somebody is on the spiritual path and these passions, etc. arise due to past inner impressions, they arise not for creating new bondage by creating new layers. They arise within for going away or for evaporation.


Houses, money and relatives; all these we leave at the time of death, but we carry with us the attachment, and that attachment is the bondage. Therefore, wisdom lies in getting rid of this attachment before physical death.


How to get rid of attachment? The secret for getting rid of attachment is service to others. You should serve others, and particularly those towards whom you feel you have most attachment. If you adopt an attitude of service for them, then by doing service, a time will come when attachment to them will come to an end. You will achieve inner purification. You have performed the duty that you owed to that person. That debt towards that person has been paid off by service. Inner purification takes place, and attachment disappears.


Service means our readiness for whatever service we can perform as help, comfort, assistance and happiness for others. By adopting these methods, step by step, we get transformed. Then a time comes when in our subtle body - in the mind - the element of selfishness is gradually replaced by the element of Love.


In the beginning one starts with love and devotion for God, from the stage at which one is. One will love in the manner which one is capable of. This stage of love or devotion is a means for spiritual progress. Finally there remains nothing in life except love for God and everybody. It becomes the aim also. It was a means and then becomes the aim. After that it becomes the end also. There remains nothing but love. There is so much love that not even the lover remains. Only love remains.


We are human beings and we have our own stages of evolution. There is nothing wrong when you have attachments, but it is better to have love in place of attachments.


When true love comes into one's life there is no place at all for hatred or disliking. But true love comes into one's life only after self-knowledge or enlightenment. As long as ignorance exists a person cannot love, but that does not mean that in other relationships there is no element of love. The element of love is mixed up with other feelings: attachment, infatuation, attraction or self-interest. We use the pleasant term 'love' to describe these feelings. We are just trying to conceal an inferior feeling by using a nice word.