Human Life

These quotes have been taken from Satsangs (discourses) given by our teacher Professor Ojaswi Sharma. He himself was never interested in writing anything but his students felt the need to preserve his wisdom. They taped his talks, transcribed them and sorted out into several Topics. Because the full discourses were very long, shorter passages were chosen on each Topic and presented here.


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It is only in human life that unlimited happiness and deathless-ness can be experienced. The eternal and infinite and all existing energy is everywhere, in everything, all the time, and yet its presence can be experienced only in a human body.


Only in human life is available a little element of freedom. The use of that freedom is the real method for expansion - for manifestation - of this hidden divinity inside. Misuse of that freedom means not only not moving towards the realisation of that divinity, but even retreating from it. Use of this freedom emancipates, but misuse creates bondage.


There are two aspects to life: the outer and the inner. Outer aspects can also be developed, but they become stumbling blocks when people concentrate their energies on them exclusively. The outer condition should be the means for the inner evolution. The most important element is the inner progress.


Life is simply a divine play and a chance for you to serve those who come into contact with you.


There is a specific purpose of human life, and that specific purpose is realisation of the Self - knowing the truth existing everywhere and therefore existing in one's own body also. Knowing that truth, through experience, is the purpose of human life, and because this aim cannot be achieved in any other body but the human one, therefore it remains the only aim of human life.