Spiritual Master

These quotes have been taken from Satsangs (discourses) given by our teacher Professor Ojaswi Sharma. He himself was never interested in writing anything but his students felt the need to preserve his wisdom. They taped his talks, transcribed them and sorted out into several Topics. Because the full discourses were very long, shorter passages were chosen on each Topic and presented here.


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Let me emphasise one point. Enlightenment is a great step but it is not the end. In one sense it may be said that it is the end of self-efforts, that is the point one reaches with self-efforts. Even then self-effort is not enough. One has to cry for the Grace of the Lord. With enlightenment the greater part of the journey is over. After that without effort and spontaneously, you realise the wisdom of the relationship of the individual and the cosmos. When by experience and development of wisdom, one comes to know that there is no conflict between oneself and the universe around, one experiences total peace and happiness. At that stage we can say that the person who became enlightened, has now become a sage. A sage has an inexhaustible fund of love for all human beings, all creatures and for the whole of existence. Through channel of the sage, the divine, infinite power works on Earth. This process of evolution starts from the beginning and goes to the end. It is the greatest adventure in human life on Earth. Only the really brave can take up this adventure. Only the brave are entitled to remain permanently happy. Cowards cannot do it. Let us, therefore, start off on this journey. In fact, we have already started!


In a truly spiritual relationship the master or the guide needs nothing. He is simply available to those who seek him, and seekers may or may not have a meeting with him. This has it's own purpose and meaning. The meaning of almost everything in the spiritual field is the destruction of the individual ego.


Many times the spiritual guide descends to the level of the seekers, on account of compassion. The Master himself, voluntarily and willingly, due to compassion, comes down to the level of the seeker for his or her evolution.


We all have had the experience when small children say: "Papa, I want to ride a horse, will you become a horse?" And we reply: "Yes, of course, come on, get on my back." The boy or girl climbs on father's back, saying: "Yes, here is a horse walking round a room." Has the man really become a horse? He's just becoming a horse for his child. In the same way the Master also comes down and says: "Oh, yes, I Love you like anything, and I come down to your level for your evolution. I become a horse for you. It is due to pure love without any attachments." From the side of the seeker attachment may develop sometimes, because what else can the seeker do when his or her stage is like that? But if the guide is truly a realised person, the attachment will not stay. It will go away. Pure Love will then come into existence in place of attachment.


For the realised person there is no problem in the world. To him the world is all Divine, and everything is fine.


As a human being you have been given the freedom to choose - a little freedom - but it is this choice of little freedom which makes all the difference. It is this point from which most people, even in the field of spirituality, want to run away. They want some sort of crutch. It appears easy to walk with the help of crutches. There should be some guru, and our guru is such, that when we are with him all our sins will be finished by him. This is all a hoax! This is all bogus! Nothing like that happens! What we are discussing here is the definite science of the evolution of the inner self. Science is definite, universal and applicable to everybody in the same way. That is the highest spirituality.


How will disciples sitting at the Guru's feet in silence gain spiritual understanding? The answer is that the understanding is again according to one's stage. Even if a guide or guru is speaking, people hear the words but they interpret the words according to their own mind. What will you do? His words are the same but the interpretation differs. Even then there is no guarantee that the words have been understood correctly. And if the guru or spiritual guide does not speak, even then those who are ready can get the inspiration, because the whole atmosphere is charged - one feels it. That feeling is more important than thoughts. Feeling is deeper. Feeling is more truthful and more genuine than thoughts. So, understanding happens not because of the guru but because of the receptivity of the seekers.


Every genuine spiritual guide tries to do the best he or she can, but has no attachment with anybody. In fact, he does not do any spiritual work. He becomes an instrument for it just like spreading of the fragrance of a flower. A flower blossoms and the fragrance goes in to the air.


In the life of a truly realised person, the fragrance of spirituality spreads without him doing anything. There is no more any 'doership' in him. He is in his own blossoming and happiness. If thousands of people were around him, he would not be attached to any of them.


A flower does not care who comes or does not come, but still its fragrance is spreading. But remember that, whatever may be the intensity and effectiveness of the fragrance, only those with a good sense of smell can appreciate it. People with a bad sense of sight and smell will pass by the flower without knowing about the flower and the fragrance. In the same way in the field of spirituality, people may be living in the vicinity of a spiritual person but, if they are not receptive, they will never discern the presence of the spiritual person near them.


You should give up your curious and crazy ideas about a holy man, that he has powers and he can wave his hands in the air and produce gold watches or other objects. No! These are foolish trivialities. No truly spiritual person ever does such things.


A seeker keeps comparing himself with his Master because the seeker does not know anything about experience. It is wrong for any seeker, however advanced he may be, to compare himself with a realised person. It is impossible to make any comparison. No example can be appropriate, but it is somewhat like this: a donkey can be compared with a donkey but can a donkey be compared with a horse, or can a donkey be compared with a human being? A donkey is a donkey and a human being is a human being. He who tries to compare a donkey with a human being is a senseless person.


A true spiritual master never wants anyone to remain a disciple for ever. He wants everyone to become a master one day.


A real saint serves the society, but he does not create propaganda and publicity. He does not try to impress others. He works in his own way, peacefully, silently, and without ostentatiously.


For a self-realised person there remains no unhappiness in life, because he realises the truth of existence. He discovers that happiness does not come from outside of himself. Happiness comes only from within. In fact, happiness and our own existence are one. Love, service, compassion, and all such things, come to such a person spontaneously. Such a person not only makes his life successful, but also contributes to a better life for society in general.


They alone who are enlightened truly see the imperishable Lord aiding equally in all perishable beings.


This most strange creature, the guru on Earth, is such that it is impossible to know him. Nobody can fully understand the Sadguru. You understand what is lower than you but not what is higher than you. One cannot know anyone else more deeply than one has come to know oneself.


The real spiritual guide wants nothing from anybody. However, paradoxically he is the very man to whom the disciple is required to give everything.


When you come into contact with a spiritual guide, the requirement for advancement in spirituality is that you surrender yourself completely to him and forget that when you give him something you are doing it not for his advantage but for your own advantage. He needs nothing in the whole world. What could you give him?


The relationship between the Sadguru (spiritual teacher) and the disciple is in the plan of the Divine. It is not in that sense man-made as other relationships are.


There are objects that are constantly dying and in those very objects there is a concealed element that never dies. Our body changes all the time, dies all the time but in this body there is also something that never dies. He who sees that which never dies in this dying body, is the real seer and he alone sees correctly.


An enlightened person does not make speeches like politicians but he makes those remarks which are useful at that time, at that place and for that audience. The next day he will say something different on the same subject. Why should he say something different? The reason is that he is at the highest level and works only by helping seekers towards enlightenment. On a particular day only he and nobody else knows what his audience needs. Therefore, everybody is benefited.


In the case of an enlightened or self-realised person, his awareness comes to that level that he clearly sees it to be foolish to think about the past and plan for the future.


The greatest fear anyone can have is the fear of death but for the enlightened person death has died. "Death has died" means that he knows that the body will vanish in the end but the real spirit inside will not die because it was never born. It is an eternal state. Spontaneous living becomes his very nature.


When somebody starts working without caring for the result, he starts working without motive. This is the spontaneous life. Life becomes enjoyable the whole time. Life becomes a play the whole time. As flowers spread their fragrance when they bloom, so that person starts sending his fragrance of love to all.


Pure love springs up only after ignorance about life is removed and enlightenment happens. Only an enlightened or self-realised person can be a true lover. At this stage in the life of such a person love is spontaneous. He loves the whole universe because in some sense he himself is the universe. His whole existence and love are one. He has realised himself and he has found that the self and love are one.


The enlightened person understands the relationship between the individual and the cosmos - individuality and totality. He understands not only intellectually but he understands in the deepest sense of the word by experience - that is existentially. He consciously lives as a part of infinity.


Although the enlightened person is an individual, he has such a rapport and harmony with totality that nothing disturbs him. For him questions cease to exist.


After a certain stage of evolution on the path of spirituality, higher things happen when a seeker has the opportunity of living in that spiritually charged environment around the Master. Those inner experiences which do not happen, even after long practice for years, start happening, just by living with a realised person without you having to do anything.